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From Invisible Observers to Bullshit Experts: Short Guide to Colourful Characters of LinkedIn

The Invisible Observer:

This profile is the epitome of laziness and ignorance. There's no profile picture, no summary, and absolutely no effort put into showcasing their professional background. It's as if they've taken the "less is more" approach to the extreme. You're left wondering if they accidentally stumbled upon LinkedIn and haven't realized its purpose yet. Or maybe they're just hiding from their own professional existence. Either way, this profile is a masterclass in how not to present yourself as the Mysterious observer of LinkedIn.

The Open Networker:

This profile has an impressively extensive list of connections. They seem to have connected with everyone from the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to the neighborhood dog walker. Their network is vast, but you wonder if they actually have time to do any real work. Plus, it's pointless.

The Buzzword Extraordinaire:

Every sentence in this profile is loaded with buzzwords and jargon that would make a corporate buzzword bingo card burst into flames. They know how to "synergize," "leverage," and "disrupt" with the best of them, but it's hard to decipher if they're actually saying anything meaningful.

The Desperados:

This profile looks like a patchwork quilt of different companies and job titles. They seem to have tried their hand at every industry and role under the sun. It's hard to tell if they're a versatile jack-of-all-trades or just really indecisive. You wonder if they'll stick around long enough to finish reading their own profile. And yes, putting the "Open to Work" on your profile just tells the world that you're desperate and no one wants you!

The Cryptic Philosopher:

This profile is filled with deep and philosophical quotes attributed to famous thinkers, particularly when put in the banner image. It's as if they believe that adding a dash of Nietzsche or Socrates will make them seem more profound and intellectual. But you're left wondering how those quotes relate to their actual professional skills and experience. They don't.

The Emoji Lover:

This profile uses emojis liberally, to the point where it feels like you're reading a secret code. It's like they're trying to communicate their entire career journey through a series of smiley faces, thumbs-up, and coffee cups. You can only hope you're deciphering the emoji hieroglyphics correctly.

The Selfie Expert:

This profile is filled with an excessive number of perfectly posed selfies taken at various angles, but it lacks any substantial professional information. Their headshot game is strong, but their career story remains a mystery. Are they a professional model or a potential hire? Oh yes, some say that it will appease the algorithm gods.

The Shy User:

This profile is filled with the bare minimum of information. It's clear that this person is on LinkedIn, but they're extremely hesitant to share any details about their professional life. Their photo might be a blurry silhouette or an obscure object, and their summary consists of a single sentence that offers no real insight. You can't help but wonder if they accidentally stumbled upon LinkedIn while searching for a different website. Connecting with them feels like trying to strike up a conversation with a shy wallflower at a party.

The Bullshitter:

This profile is a masterclass in exaggeration and self-promotion. Every skill they list is at an expert level, every project they've worked on is ground breaking, and every accomplishment is larger than life. It's as if they've turned their profile into a work of fiction rather than an accurate representation of their professional journey. Reading their profile feels like trying to navigate through a minefield of inflated egos and embellished achievements. It's best to approach this profile with a healthy dose of scepticism and a pinch of salt.

Navigating through the diverse profiles on LinkedIn is a journey filled with surprises and amusement. While some profiles may leave us scratching our heads or questioning their authenticity, it's important to remember that LinkedIn is a professional networking site aimed at fostering genuine connections and career opportunities.


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