Thursday, 27th June 2019

Registration: 9am

Workshop: 09:30am - 13:00am

LinkedIn & Social Selling BootCamp
Practical Lead Generation Training

Are you frustrated that your online marketing and website are not up to the task in terms of generating enough new business and targeted leads? Let's discover how to systematically drive and build relationships with cold prospects, drive traffic and generate highly targeted leads using LinkedIn.

Friday, 20th November 2020

Registration: 9.15am

Workshop: 09:30am - 13:00am



Denis Zekic

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Is your business growing as fast as you’d like?

It maybe a cliché to say that our world is changing faster and faster each day, but the evidence is hard to ignore. Today’s challenges require us to work with new and very different marketing channels all the time. The answer is no longer in any one media but in the mix of exponentially numerous options and sophisticated tools available. Do you know that: 

  •     92% of marketers say that social media is important to their business

  •     80% of all B2B social leads come from LinkedIn

  •     72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within five miles

  •     51% of smartphone users have discovered a new company or product when conducting a search on their smartphone

  •     1.13 billion of Facebook users are active daily

  •     46% of social media traffic to company websites come from LinkedIn

  •     74% of people use Facebook for professional services

  •     71% of businesses with 100+ employees use YouTube

  •     200% year on year increase in watching YouTube on TV

  •     86% of consumers would like to receive monthly promotional emails from companies they do business with*

(*source: Hubspot)

Can you guarantee that your business will exist in 5 to 10 year time? 

Change is an inevitable fact of life. Being unaware is no longer an option, disruption happens all the time, in every industry, sector or business.

What would it meat to you personally, if you ensure that your business exists in 2020 and beyond! And not just exist, but thrive! 


Well, the best option for you today is to invest – in your skills and knowledge… 


#1 Best Seller

What we’ll cover at the Workshop:

  • How to create your own Social Sales & Marketing strategy  

  • How to build an Online Lead Generation system

  • What are the best available Free tools

  • How to use social marketing

  • How to generate High Value Sales leads

  • How to embrace the power of Content

  • How to engage your team to become sales 
    and marketing force

  • How to be GDPR compliant

We will be speaking on the following topics:


  • Social Media: Learn how to capture an engaging audience.

  • LinkedIn: Enhancing your profile to effectively attract leads.

  • Google: Understanding how your business results.

  • Social Influencing: Unleash hidden profits from your existing customers.

  • Understanding Your Network: Gain direction by understanding the now and the future STRATEGY FOR YOUR BUSINESS….!

Who is the workshop for:

  • Marketing Managers 

  • Business Owners

  • Professionals

  • Team & Business

  • Development Managers

  • Trades People

We'll be speaking about:

  • Learn how to capture an engaging audience.

  • How to improve your profile and attract highly targeted leads

  • Engaging with your target market.

  • Social Influencing
    - Listening
    - Empathy
    - Rapport
    - Influence
    - Participation

  • GDPR: How to stay on the right side of law

What else: 

  • Social Selling and Marketing
    - What is Social Selling?
    - The Benefits
    - Who is Social Selling For?

  • Sales and Marketing Flow
    - Outbound Marketing
    - Online Inbound Marketing
    - Account Based Marketing
    - Sales Funneling
    - Marketing Automation

  • Paid Vs Organic Reach

  • Marketing Automation

  • 5 Pillars of Social Success

  • plus more...


Presenter: Denis Zekic

Denis Zekic is No. 1 Best Selling author and senior online specialist with vast expertise in both B2C and B2B sales and marketing sectors. 

Denis’ experience stretches from local SME's to multimillion turnover eCommerce and Digital Marketing operations across UK, Europe and Globally, including some market leading international organisations. 

Denis is the Winner of E-Commerce Awards organised by the UK Government initiative "UK online for business"​ and was involved in many strategic and high level digital channel implementations. 

Denis is a well regarded international digital specialist and regularly appears at various Industry Events and International Conferences as a Speaker, Board Member and Chair.


“Brilliant overview of Social Marketing and superb tips to use!  Denis is Enthusiastic and Engaging, excellently presents the content of his social medial marketing seminar…” TW

“Clear, engaging & interesting content…” DH

“Informative and thought provoking… Knowledgeable, offers tips… Engaging and funny…”  SP

“Very personable, easy to listen to, inspiring…”  BW

“Learned great tips how target customers and build client base…. Very informative… Easy to learn advice and tips from…”  AR

“Understanding the scope and interaction of Media platforms made me realise I have to embrace the digital age and get over my fear of using the SM channels to promote my business”.  LR

“Very experienced and knowledgeable presenter who provided me with more confidence to use social media” LG

“Excellent speaker & content… Will help me to get a proper structure & strategy for growing my biz.” SB

“Great content, knowledge and confidence in achieving a focused presentation that was clear, maintained interest and inspiring…” LR

 “I really enjoyed the seminar and found it useful.  Well spoken with lots of experience, expertise and credibility"  JB


Seminar Information:


Friday, 20th November 2020

Registration: 9.15am

Workshop: 09:30am - 13:00am




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