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#1 Best Selling Book

   LinkedIn MAGIC 5 FORMULA    


A Step by Step Method for Generating

Business Connections and High Value Sales Leads



  “Stop what you are doing and read this book” Dr. Karl Kapp  

  “In my view, a must read for modern marketers” Carlos Silva Lopes  


Are you getting the right results from your website?

Are you frustrated that the number of targeted leads it generates is just not there?


Every day I come across businesses that struggle unnecessarily. It makes me unhappy to see ambitious business leaders losing faith in their marketing efforts which are relatively easy to fix.


If your marketing plan isn’t getting the results you aspire to, then I’d like you to take a look at my Easy to follow, Step by Step Method for Generating Business Connections and High Value Sales Leads.


What does the book cover:


Quickly positioning yourself as a go-to authority in your industry

Staying top-of-mind with 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of targeted prospects on a daily basis - and investing only an hour a month to make it happen

Getting steady stream of leads using Social Media

Generating new sales appointments and potentially new clients within a week by investing very little of you time


“You can’t do today’s job with yesterday’s methods and be in business tomorrow.”


So if you’re one of those people who cringes when someone asks you, “How’s business,” then read this book and look at my LinkedIn MAGIC 5 FORMULA.

Denis Zekic

Amazon #1 best selling author


The Book Reviews:

“Few people know more about building a community and connecting on social media than Denis Zekic and he shares it all here...  Not only are these great tips for marketers but anyone in the Learning and Development space who is looking to create a Personal Learning Network (PLN).  Stop what you are doing and read this book, it is one of the best community building advice out there!”

Dr. Karl Kapp, Professor of Instructional Technology, Bloomsburg University


"When most businesses shunned the use of Social Media as a selling point and failed, Denis brings to light how Social Selling could have saved these businesses from closure and is transparent on how to avoid these same fates. He has constructed a vital method to not only educate those on the power of Social Selling but empower and encourage those to use a tool that is cost-effective, engaging and highly effective in being a critical asset in one's business strategies.”

Shanika Robinson, M.A - LinkedIn Top Voice Award Winner


“It goes without saying that I’m a fan of LinkedIn. Denis has produced a B2B marketing playbook, which offers an insightful, easy to follow and structured approach - outlining how you can leverage social networks for business gains, spearheaded through LinkedIn.”

Professor Jonathan A.J. Wilson PhD, Partner at Dragonfly Black


“Denis has written a great practical guide for marketeers that are engaging with customers through social and digital media. The book is richly populated with many ‘how to’ tools and guides that are very clear and intuitive to use.  In my view, a must read for modern marketeers”
Carlos Silva Lopes - Global Marketing Director at Dow

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