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Paul Gordon Brown, PhD | LinkedIn Top Voice 2017
Paul Gordon Brown is a speaker, consultant and educator on a wide variety of topics impacting colleges, universities and their students. Paul Gordon likes to portray himself not as an average dry academic, but someone who brings research to life through humour and personal stories from his adventures across the globe. In 2014, LinkedIn’s SlideShare recognized him as a “Keynote Author” for his excellence in presentation delivery and design. PG’s latest book was a collaboration with Erik Qualman as a contributing author to “What Happens On Campus Stays on YouTube.” 
Dr. Natalia Wiechowski | Voice to follow in 2018
Dr. des. Natalia Wiechowski is the Middle East's leading Edutainer.  The German Doctor of Philosophy empowers individuals to present themselves and their careers as brands, in order to stand out from the grey crowd - online and offline.
With a social media following of around 130,000 individuals worldwide, the award-winning speaker walks the talk - not only in the world wide web but also on public stages, such as Global WIL Economic Forum, Hult International Business School and Middlesex University.
Muqbil Ahmar | LinkedIn Top Voice 2017
Muqbil Ahmar, India's Top LinkedIn journalist and storyteller. Muqbil writes about entrepreneurship, technology, social issues, women empowerment and has published several hundreds of articles on the platform.
A communications professional with eleven years of diverse media experience in two of India’s largest news networks, Muqbil's writing creates great interest with the army of his followers reaching millions of views and tens of thousands likes and comments.
Karen Gross | LinkedIn Top Voice 2017
Recently, we had a pleasure to catch up with Karen Gross, an educator, author, speaker, adviser, consultant and LinkedIn Top Voice 2017.
Considered an international expert, Karen serves as a scholar, teacher, administrator and community leader dedicated to improving the lives of those less privileged.  Gross speaks frequently and write regularly about education issues for various audiences and in a wide array of publications.
To learn more about Karen’s award winning writing for both adults and children, visit her two websites:
Karl Kapp | LinkedIn Top Voice 2017
Karl Kapp is Professor of Instructional Technology at Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, PA, USA. Karl owns his own global consulting firm called The Wisdom Learning Group through which he travels the world speaking, consulting and advising about games and gamification for learning.
Karl is also an entrepreneur, speaker, board member, book author, author, scholar, L&D coach and researcher on the convergence of learning, technology and business operations focused in the area of creating engaging and meaningful learning events.
Prof. Jonathan Wilson | LinkedIn Top Voice 2017


An electric, dynamic and quick-witted public speaker who is able to tackle real-world phenomena. His analysis of slow and fast culture, blends the old school thinking with new school insight, a splash of stand-up panache, and a dash of gritty Hip-hop/Grunge. Expert in Global Branding, Management and Consumer trends - Dr. Wilson explores how brands influence cultures and cultures shape brands.
Islamica 500 lists Prof. Wilson in the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders for his work in Islamic Economics, Halal Branding and Muslim Millennials.
Jesse Martin | LinkedIn Top Voice 2017

Jesse is a world leader in the integration of The Science of Learning into formal teaching settings. Currently, Jesse is a sessional instructor at the University of Lethbridge (would love full-time work again) in Lethbridge Alberta, Canada.

Passionate about The Science of Learning and believe that it should be the driving force in all of education. A world leader in the integration of The Science of Learning into formal teaching settings.


Shanika Robinson | LinkedIn Top Voice 2017


In December 2017 Shanika was voted as LinkedIn Top Voice 2017 for her articles and regular updates on African-American women in science, technology, engineering and maths at various prestigious organisations.


Shanika is currently a student success coach and multimedia professional with the Dallas County Community College District. She is a graduate student working on her second master’s degree in Professional Counselling and her goal is to take it to a Doctoral programme.


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