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10 Most Dangerous Social Media Business Sayings

1. “We’ve tried Social Selling but it doesn’t work for us!”

If you have a marketing team who posted 12 inspirational quotes across the space of last 6 months and shared a couple of company blogs written by an outsourced agency (totalling in 3 likes including Debbie the receptionist and Kevin the marketing apprentice plus 1 comment from Gareth the operations manager), then I have some bad news for you: THAT IS NOT SOCIAL SELLING – it’s called: “Scratching the… hm… surface”.

2. “Need to update our website first, then we’ll start with Social!”

I’m sorry to say folks, but you’re deluded. YOU DON’T EVEN NEED TO HAVE A WEBSITE to do Social Selling.

LinkedIn is one of the most visited online places in the world with 800 million users worldwide. Start here, it’s FREE!

To create a rock star LinkedIn profile with a functional company page doesn’t require Picasso artistry. Something is better than nothing. Just give it a go, you’ll be surprised!

3. “I need LinkedIn Premium, at the moment waiting for my manager to approve it.”

No, you don’t need LinkedIn premium to generate business. It’s like visiting your grandma at her care home. You can get there in Nissan Micra almost at the same time as in brand new Bentley. Sure, the potholes will feel deeper in the unassumed former type of transport, but the apple pie you bring to nan will taste equally sweet regardless.

Likewise, leads are still DELIVERED BY YOU no matter which version of LinkedIn you use!

4. “No time for Social Selling right now, last year figures were really poor, so all hands are now on setting the targets and rolling out the plan for this year”

If you haven’t achieved your last year's targets, may I ask what are you going to do now that you haven’t done already?

Just in case you never thought of it before, Social selling is… well, also SELLING.

5. "My written English is not good enough, people will laugh at me."

No, you don’t have to have a degree in English Literature to do Social Selling. You don’t even need to create your own posts or articles. Because here's the secret — you just need to be good at starting RELATIONSHIPS.

The easiest way — start commenting to other people’s content. This article being the perfect opportunity, so go ahead and do it. Promise – I will even like it!

6. “We’ll start as soon as this year’s budget is approved”

That’s like your 2021 new year resolution: “I’ll start my diet as soon as I finish that tin of Scottish shortbread I got for Christmas from aunt Dorothy”.

Shall I guess which one you achieved and which one you haven’t? The tin long gone, the big belly still standing. Same applies to Social Selling. NO NEED TO WAIT for anything. Just do it.

7. “We’re already doing it; our marketing team publishes posts on LinkedIn company page most days”

Brace yourself, I’ve got some shocking news for you now: What they’re doing is USELESS. Not always, but most of the time that is.

Just a quick question will explain why: How many leads have they generated on LinkedIn and passed on to you in the last 12 months? (Ouch, did the question hurt?)

So what’s the alternative you ask. Again, my answer is in the form of a question: How did people make sales before the internet?


“Hi Jon, I loved your article and looking forward to reading more.”

"Hey Alex, I enjoyed your presentation the other day, would you mind if I ask for a copy?"

“Hello Emily, thank you for taking part in my LinkedIn poll, would be great if we stay in touch.”

You get it?

8. “We’re worried to lose face over a statement which our clients may take the wrong way.”

Silence is the biggest business killer known to man. What you need is to be heard. Be noticed. Not perfect, but different.

When it comes to Social Selling and Marketing - DON'T TRY TO APPEAL TO EVERYBODY. Figure out who your message is for, get connected with that audience, and ignore the rest. Those who object and grumble will never be your customers anyway.

This Burger King advertisement did exactly what it was supposed to do and managed to capture the attention of wider audience. Complaints did the opposite, they helped the add to became a global phenomenon. The outcome? BK won more customers then they lost using the advert below.

9. “I have only 250 connections, need to get at least a few thousand first.”

This is like the old chap in the photo below. Having more than one shopping basket is not going to make his dinner any tastier. WHAT’s in the basked is what matters, not how many of them he rolls around.

Same with your Social Selling, it’s WHO is in your network, NOT how many.

10. “Not my responsibility, the Head Office is looking after it”

Here’s the thing: people buy from people – not head offices! There are no better brand ambassadors then employees – so roll up the sleeves and get your hands dirty. If nothing else, when you move to another company you’ll still have a few valuable connections and business relationships to call upon!

The best sales funnel to make you money is not about selling. It’s about ENGAGING.

Make it a habit and do it consistently. You'll be surprised with the results!


If you've already started your Social Selling and Marketing journey or thinking about it, the why don't you come along:

Denis Zekic - No. 1 Best Social Selling Author
Denis Zekic - No. 1 Best Social Selling Author
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With all this help, you'll be scoring career goals in no time.


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