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You've heard about "Cold Calling"​ but what about "Cold Messaging"​?

Sending cold sales messages through social media is becoming a trend. I am not talking about connection request with genuine engagement interest, I am thinking about those one way, 'buy my stuff' messages that I receive on a regular basis. Not even sure how to call them?

Spam? Not really, spam is delivered through email.

Scam? No, I wouldn't call it that neither.

Unsolicited messaging?

Well, if I was connected to those sales hunters through LinkedIn (not for very long in most cases, 5 minutes at most), they are in my network and it's kind of legitimate to 'outreach' to your 1st level connections, is it not?

Then what about Social Selling?

No way, they are not social in any shape or form, it just happens that they use social platforms to distribute them.

So let me go back a step. You receive a connection request with no obvious explanation why. You ponder for a second or two should you accept, and then the left side of your brain kicks in and takes over the other side that deals with logic. In haste, you press the "accept" button and it's all over in a split second.

But then...

Within minutes, if you are lucky enough - maybe even seconds, you get the sales pitch. Sometimes 3,000 words and over, while shrewd operators tend to send short, snappy ones. To keep you enticed, interested, eager to find more - they take the lion approach. Under the cover of social noise; they observe and stalk their prey without the threat of detection. They sit and watch, and then just before sunrise when you least expect - they launch an attack.

And let me guess!? You jump, surprised and confused nowhere to run or hide, follow the link for more info? What follows can best resemble the snowball effect. Emails, messages, and for sure - requests for a Skype call as they are most likely to be from other side of the globe (otherwise you will get an invite for a cup of coffee). It all soars over your communication channels in one big swoop.

Win-Win they will say!

But no. Not in my book.

I on the other hand, find this practise very irritating and inconsiderate. It is on the other end of social engagement scale that my true connections and I practise and preach. Far away from any type of social selling. Or social marketing. Or even lead generation.

It is pure and simple - disrespect. Rude and antisocial behaviour.

Like calling you in the middle of the night at the most unsocial time.

Oh yes... That's it, I've got it!!!

From now on, all cold sales messaging I shall call: "Unsocial Selling"!


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