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10 Ways How to Leverage the Power of Your Staff on LinkedIn

10 Ways How to Leverage the Power of Your Staff on LinkedIn

Having delivered number of Social Selling and LinkedIn Lead Generation trainings, here are my top 10 ways how can every company leverage the power of their employees on LinkedIn:

1. Make sure your business is not blocking the use of Social Media to employees

Unhappy employees make unhappy customers. Before delivering any customer-centric strategies, you have to become employee-sentric first!64% of all social traffic to business websites come from LinkedIn. Encourage your staff to be active, rather than block their use.

2. Provide adequate onsite Social Media training for your staff

The best way to ensure your staff is in-line with your business objectives and brand message is to train them. Only well trained and motivated employees are likely to take you forward.

3. Stay industry informed / provide access to relevant online courses

It has never been easier to find the right course online. Encourage your staff to keep informed about the latest sales, marketing or customer support trends and developments. Social media channels become truly valuable only when you know how to use them.

4. Proactively encourage engagement with existing customers

According to LinkedIn reports, 80% of their members want to connect with companies to enhance their decision making. Make sure you provide your customers with the information and support they need. This way, your brand message will be spread faster and seen further.

5. Encourage professional conversation with your existing and target market industries

Be the voice of your industry. Once you develop thought leadership, professional will be drown to you as their most valued and trusted voice.

6. Follow and connect with influencers in your sector

Staying connected with the right people in your industry can make all the difference. Not only for their insights but for new business opportunities too.

7. Provide valuable content / posts

Be consistent and keep engaging. Be relevant - not boring. Influence comes from the vision and value you provide, not the product.

8. Share and like your company updates / posts / articles

The power of reach gets multiplied with every proactive individual in your organisation. In average, 3% of active employees deliver 40% social traffic to corporate websites.

9. Adopt Social Media as a customer & customer services touch-point

Encourage your customer to become your followers. There is no better marketing than happy customer's recommendation.

10. Make LinkedIn your company’s strategic Lead generation channel

93% of Marketers consider LinkedIn to be the most effective Lead Generation site. Ensure that you are amongst them too.

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