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10 Quick Tips About Social Selling

Social media networks are more than just a platform for personally communicating with friends and family. It has established itself as essential tool for Businesses and entrepreneurs to advertise and sell their products or services, or better known - Social Selling. To perfect the art of social selling means to keep your customers highly engaged with all your marketing messages in real time. It is also extensively used to obtain new leads and then using sales funnel techniques, convert them into customers.

To execute social selling effectively, I suggest following top 10 tips for quickly accelerating your lead generation and sales practices:

  1. Establish a strong LinkedIn Presence – LinkedIn is the number one social media network for business professionals with over 500 million users worldwide. 80% of B2B social leads come from LinkedIn and if you have an established profile with a lot of connections, then buyers will be able to see that.

  2. Write and publish articles - Writing regular industry related articles is one of the best ways to connect with the target audience and start the lead generation process. On top of that, content is one of the best SEO tactics to help you propel your message.

  3. Build a Twitter Account – Although writing blogs and newsletters are effective, it is very effective to tweet messages to your followers on Twitter too. These could be tweets which update them on some aspect of your business without requiring them to check their email. Include a button on your website or other social media profiles which will allow people to connect to your Twitter feed.

  4. Be a Leader – Act like a leader of your industry and of your business, rather than a pushy salesperson. A leader is someone who influences their followers with original content that is inspiring and comes from the heart. Bear in mind that 94% of B2B buyers research online before making purchase decision.

  5. Be Social – Don’t just think of your social media followers as leads and customers. This will make you come off as too salesy. Instead, greet them on a friendly level without always pushing new products on them all the time. Remember, “Social selling” is about being “Social” first and foremost.

  6. Help the Buyers – Buyers decide to purchase a product or service because it solves a problem of theirs. As a seller, you should aim to solve your buyers’ problems. Remember, people don’t buy drill bits - they buy holes.

  7. Build Trust – Followers on social media will remember your business content better if you develop a trust. Don’t just post up “for sale” ads like on a classified ads website. You need to establish the identity of what you represent and stand for. This will help people remember you and strengthen the relationship.

  8. Share Free Content – Buyers will stick around your business if you share your expertise, knowledge, best practices and so on. This could be content, like an eBook, which educates them on some aspect of your business or what it is selling. Buyers will become more engaged in your business that way.

  9. Build Sales Funnel – Second part of “Social Selling” is ability to convert your social presence into sales. Most commonly, you would need a sales funnel to take the audience through the transition from enquiry to following and acquiring. Having a simple “Opt-in” form on the website or blog is simple and yet very important first step in the process.

  10. Track your Efforts – Many sellers make the mistake of not tracking the progress of their social selling efforts. If you install Google Analytics onto your website, you can see how many of those visitors were referred from your social media networks. Based on this data, you can make the necessary adjustments to your social selling efforts.

One of the great tools to measure your Social Selling practices is SSI (Social Selling Index) by LinkedIn. Let us know, what is your score:


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