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5 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Are you struggling to attract the right audience for your business? Do you create content, publish it online and somehow - it’s not working?

Well, there are common mistakes that many people make and if you learn what they are and how to avoid them, then your content marketing efforts are guaranteed to work much better in the future.

Content is one of the most important types of online marketing and business people use it to raise awareness to their brand without directly advertising their products or services. The most common forms of content produced for marketing includes eBooks, Social Media posts, Blog posts, Video posts, Sales Funnels, Newsletters, Emails and so on. The purpose of marketing all this content is not only to gain traffic, but to generate qualified leads and ultimately convert to sales.

Unfortunately, most internet marketers tend to make mistakes which result in them getting little to no leads. Below are the 5 most common content marketing mistakes that you should avoid:

1. No Content Promotion – A lot of internet marketing newbies think that once content is published on the internet, people will automatically come and see it. The truth is you need to attract an audience to your content by promoting it. Otherwise, even if you have the best quality content around, nobody is going to be there to see it. You can use social media or blog posts as a free way of doing content promotion.

There are many good tools and services in the market to promote your content. One which we recommend can either be managed by the client or the us. Check out: CeeDoo automation service

2. Not Researching Target Customers – Just because you produce content that brings traffic to your website, it doesn’t mean your visitors will turn into leads. Don’t make the mistake of only worrying about traffic generation without concerning yourself with targeted traffic. You need to research your target customer base and figure out what their needs and desires are. Then, you can create content which addresses those concerns. This will cause people to want to subscribe to your newsletter or sign up as a member to your website.

To understand trends and what is popular in your territories, head over to Google Trends:

3. Too Many SEO Keywords – Search engine optimisation is the key to getting your website’s content ranked high in search engines like Google. The most popular SEO method is to use high ranking keywords in your content. However, don’t make the mistake of over-stuffing your content with too many keywords. The algorithms of Google are very smart and they can detect when keywords have been stuffed. The algorithms will be much more favourable to high-quality content that is original and directed toward a particular niche.

For best practices and know-how about SEO optimisation, checking your domain and page authority, how many links you are getting and from which source and so much can be found at MOZ

4. Only One Type of Content – To market your content appropriately, you need to have more than one type of content. You can’t just rely solely on blog posts or written content on your website. There are lots of customers out there who respond differently to certain types of content over others. For example, there are customers who only pay attention to video content and there are others who prefer social media content. If you limit yourself to just one type of content, then you’ll be losing a huge percentage of potential customers.

Research the popularity and reach of competitor content via BuzzSumo

Image source: Smart Insights

See above how much content is shared every 60 seconds on the internet. The best practise is to share it in as many channels as possible.

5. No Analytics – If you’ve gone through all the trouble of creating and promoting your content, wouldn’t it be nice to know more details about the traffic it is bringing you? If you don’t track the analytics of your website, then you won’t know information regarding your number of unique visitors, bounce rates, click-through rates, visitor locations, and so on. This information can help you figure out how successful your marketing efforts have been. Then, you can make any necessary changes accordingly. Most people use Google Analytics for this.


Commonly, Lead Generation is the primary goal for anyone using content marketing to drive traffic to their website. Marketing your business with content has never been easier. You just have to strategise your marketing so it reaches the demographic that you want to see it. This will result in not only more people viewing your website, but also more leads made up of people who are genuinely interested in your business and what it sells.

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