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Is Being Good, Good Enough?

High quality work, products and services are no longer occasional. Competence is no longer rare, either. We have too many good choices – there’s an abundance of quality things to buy and people to hire… But not necessarily all the experience, skills and expertise which made us good in the past, are sufficient to make us good enough today.

We all seek more, being exceptional is a must now!

Innovation and change (external as well as internal) is in absolute requirement to face the future; it is not if the disruption will come, but when! The root of the question is: who leads the innovation and change in your organisation: CEO, the executive board or someone else? I believe it should be all, particularly important are the people who hire! Who and what do you look for in the recruitment process to prepare your organisations into the future?

The answer is to look for the 5 element which are scarce but essential;

1. Trust / Loyalty (People can’t work very well together unless they trust each other. If your staff don’t trust the management, neither will customer.)

2. Belief (Belief in the common good and forward motion. A desire to make something that matters)

3. Attitude (Doing more must not be the goal – being better is!)

4. Passion and Courage (to innovate, influence and lead change. Feeling pain is an essential part of becoming exceptional)

5. Talent (Vision, confidence, ability to see and act beyond “good”)

Let me ask you this: are your HR departments guided, motivated and equipped well enough to nurture the right talent for the future of your organisation? Do they know what the future looks like and what do they need to look for?

Innovation and change are not a result, it’s a journey. And if you continue to stand still and never move, you will fail to be good, let alone – exceptional!

Take a look at Regina Hartley's TED speech and see why she believes that the best hires might not have the perfect resumes:

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