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7 Things Every Marketer Should Learn from Donald Trump

Like it or not but Hillary Clinton and the Democrats have lost their race in the US presidential elections which is branded by many as the most important since the Second World War. And while the congratulatory messages from around the world are still coming in, many find it intensely shocking that the world's richest and most powerful nation has chosen Donald Trump as its new president.

Personal opinions and feelings aside, to me the result doesn't come unexpected at all, in contrary – it proves 7 very important points which every marketeer should learn from:

1. Don’t try to appeal to everybody. Figure out who your message is for, get connected with that audience, and reject the rest. Ignore the sceptics and focus on the customer of your choice.

2. Focus on the product feature you believe that is superior or different from the competition - the one which will most likely deliver on your target segment.

3. Tune in to customer perception even though it could be completely flawed. Marketing is not a battle of products, it's a battle of perceptions. And don’t try to educate your market, they can only hear what they already believe in.

4. Be different – Disrupt – Create legacy. Boring and safe seldom lead to success. Revolutions challenge the rule and enable impossible.

5. Play the emotional game, ideas without purpose or impact evaporate. Strategy is empty without vision, empty without passion, empty without people who confront the norm

6. Don't waste your budget to buy advertising to promote average product, soon you’ll run out of money. Use it to endorse a credible cause and you won’t need to spend it on advertising - your customers will connect to one another and consequently buy more.

7. Only the tactics that win the ultimate prize (contract, sale or... in Trump's case - the presidency) are worthy of your effort. If anyone deems them wrong or inappropriate, not to worry - you dealt with those cynics already in the point #1 above…

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